Concert – Söta Sälta

Concert – Söta Sälta

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Concert – Söta Sälta



Ah, love! Love can be terrible, twisted, frustrated, jealous, unhappy, desperate, violent... It's always afterwards that we laugh! That's why Elsa Birgé and Linda Edsjö don't care. The two musicians are funny, explosive, tender, polyglot... They sing in French and Swedish, two legendary languages, to tell songs from yesterday, the day before yesterday, which even go back to the mists of time... It was already complicated, but nothing has changed, except for the art and the way, because they are girls of today! Söta Sälta. Sweet and sour.


Opening hours

Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 8pm

The 18/10/2022

  • Mardi: from 20h00 to 22h00


  • Base rate : from 8,00 € to 18,00 €


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