Ciné Plein Air : Sage-Homme

Ciné Plein Air : Sage-Homme

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Ciné Plein Air : Sage-Homme



Open-air screening of the film SAGE-HOMME, at the Zone de Loisir in Lachapelle-Sous-Rougemont! + refreshments and food on site! by Jennifer Devoldere | France | 2023 | 1h40 | Comedy drama After failing the medical entrance exam, Léopold enters midwifery school by default, hiding the truth from those around him. But when he meets Nathalie, an experienced midwife with a passionate nature, he changes his view of this fascinating world and overturns his certainties. ?? Karin Viard is once again formidable in this magnificent role, full of humanity, as she plays a hypertouchant Melvin Boomer. Very well written, "Sage-homme" never forgets to be funny. (Le Parisien)

Opening hours

1st June 2024 at 9.30pm

The 01/06/2024

  • Samedi: from 21h30