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From age 16. After the German invasion, the town of Otwock, home to a large Jewish community, found itself at the heart of the Polish General Government. At the end of 1940, Calek Perechodnik, his wife Anna and their daughter Athalie were forced to leave their home and cram into the town's ghetto. Two years later, during the "Liquidation Action", Calek's family was deported. After his escape, he found refuge in a flat in Warsaw and began writing his memoirs. He died at the end of the summer of 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising, having entrusted his diary to a Polish friend. Châteauvallon Liberté, Scène nationale Toulon and Ollioules, France Based on the memoirs of : Calek PERECHODNIK Directed and performed by: Charles BERLING With the complicity of : Sylvie BALLUL Adaptation: Charles BERLING and Sylvie BALLUL

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