Black Blocks Recorder


Black Blocks Recorder

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Black Blocks Recorder


Black Blocks Recorder offers a unique reading of international relations and the role of the media in the global political balance. The text is presented as a dystopian, timeless fiction, but the events recounted in it are strongly inspired by key events of the Cold War. Particular emphasis will be placed on the use of information networks, especially radio, on both sides of this ideological conflict. In Black Blocks Recorder, the audience will be surrounded by two sets of loudspeakers, each representing one of the two blocs. The bi-frontal aspect of the installation will further accentuate the immersive effect compared with a conventional acousmonium. The loudspeakers are chosen for their sound characteristics, but also for their visual appeal and their potential to evoke the collective unconscious. Similarly, the microphones, and possibly the instruments used by the actors, may come from different eras for the same reasons.

Opening hours

Sunday 21 January at 5pm at Espace la Savoureuse in Giromagny

The 21/01/2024

  • Dimanche: from 17h00


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