Autour de l’exposition

Kids, Course / Workshop

Autour de l’exposition

Kids, Course / Workshop - bourogne

Autour de l’exposition



Post-media survival kit workshop. Workshop to build an FM micro-transmitter. From 2pm to 5pm In the age of digital technology, this workshop is an opportunity to confront the materiality of communication and media. The construction of a short-range FM transmitter allows us to approach the plasticity of waves. From 6pm, Nicolas Montgermont and Pali Meursault's concert Feral Bands uses radio waves and local and environmental interferences as the only sources for a multi-channel sound performance. Relying on the randomness of electromagnetic capture, the resulting concert is entirely different each time and at each place it is played.

Opening hours

The 28/11/2021

  • Dimanche: from 14h00


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