Au bords des murs invisibles


Au bords des murs invisibles

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Au bords des murs invisibles



Au bord des murs invisibles tells of ordinary heroism, the poetry of everyday life, and sometimes its tragic simplicity. In her previous show, Marie-Juliane Marquès presented a gallery of colourful female characters who talked about their daily lives and revealed the anxiety that lies within their habits. In Opus 2, she takes on the same characters 10 years later. These juxtaposed female portraits allow for multiple points of view. Judy, the adventurous friend; Guersande, the misunderstood young girl; Cleone, the rebel; Charlotte, who has lost all meaning; Marie, married with two children, locked up but radiant; Cassandre, unemployed. All these women are trying, by telling their stories, to disarm the feelings of fear that permeate their lonely city lives.

Opening hours

Sunday 21 April at 5 p.m. at the Théâtre Louis Jouvet in Belfort

The 21/04/2024

  • Dimanche: from 17h00